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26 Sites That Pay You to Blog

Writing paid post is perhaps the most straight forward ways to earn some revenue from blogging. The way pay post works hasn’t changed much; after reaching mutual agreement with advertisers, you write about them, they pay you. And if there is a 3rd party (middle man company) involve, they take cut. Most middle man company provides marketplace for advertisers to look for publishers, vice versa.
getpaidblogging 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog

If you firmly believe that writing pay post is one good way to revenue from your blog, here’s a list of web services that pays you to write for them. This list will be updated periodically, so if you have a paid post service I’ve missed out I’d like to add them to the list. Necessary credits will be given.
Recommended reading: Top Paying CPM Advertisement Network
  1. Sponsored Reviews

    sponsoredreviews 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Earn cash by writing honest reviews about our advertiser’s products and services. Write reviews in your own tone and style, and gear them to your audience’s interest.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  2. Link Post

    linkpost 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Unlike some other services, we pay our Partners up to 70% for each LinkPost written. Access to thousands of advertisers hungry for reviews. A variety of payment options. Receive payouts monthly by check, PayPal, direct deposit, or Wire. Automated advertising management. An easy way to sell paid blog posts.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  3. Review Me

    reviewme 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Get paid $20 – $200 to review products and services on your site. You control what you review.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  4. Shvoong

    shvoong 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    The more abstracts you post at Shvoong, the more chances to attract readers. Create link to your abstract elsewhere(on blogs, forums, your personal homepage, or other sites). Spread the word by joining our “Invite a friend” and/or “Affiliates” programs, and earn bonuses equivalent to the invite members’ royalties, upto $100 for every new writer.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  5. Smorty

    smorty 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Get paid for blogging. Write your opinion about peoples products, services and websites on your blog. Get paid weekly.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  6. PayPerPost

    payperpost 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    PayPerPost is an incredible new self-service marketplace that allows you to get paid to blog about the products, services and websites you love. You can easily earn $500 per month or more with your current blog!
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  7. 451 Press

    451press 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    451 Press is always looking for bright, talented writers who want to have their voices heard. We are looking for writers with unique voices to contribute to our growing network of blogs. Our blogs cover a wide range of topics. If you have a passion for a subject then we just might have a place for you.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  8. Be A Guide (About.com)

    aboutcom 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    All About.com Guides are freelancers who work online and set their own schedules, giving them the flexibility to log on from anywhere in the world whenever they have the time. With no timesheets to fill out and no timecards to punch, working for About.com gives you the flexibility to write when you want, even if you have a full-time day job.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  9. BlogBurner

    blogburner 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    So here’s how it works:
    • You create an account with us.
    • You create an account with Google Adsense.
    • You login and write content to your "blog" on our site.
    • You try to write as often as you can.
    • We publish your content to our site.
    • We serve ads on the pages that have your content.
    • Half the time you make money on the ads. Half the time we do.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]

  10. Blog Feast (Service Discontinued)

    blogfeast 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    We are a blog community that:
    1. Host your blog for free
    2. Provide you with readers and traffic
    3. Serve your Adsense ads 90% of the time
    4. Helps you to make money blogging
    5. Leading you step by step to earn $1,000 a month!
  11. Bloggerwave

    bloggerwave 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    We’ve got advertisers that would like you to write about their products or services. So you do. In your blog. And get paid!
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  12. Blogitive

    blogitive 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Once you are approved to the Blogitive system, you are given access to opportunities from companies to post about their news releases. You are paid per posting.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  13. Blogsvertise

    blogsvertise 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Once approved, your blog goes into the assignment queue. The blogsvertise administrator then assigns writing tasks for what our advertisers want you to mention in your blog.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  14. Blog To Profit

    blogtoprofit 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    We connect you with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring your blog, you post to your blog and get paid!
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  15. BOTW Media

    botwmedia 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    If you are an experienced writer and/or an avid blogger, can write passionately about a topic, and enjoys working as part of a group, you may be a good candidate for a BOTW Media author.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  16. CreamAid (Service Discontinued)

    creamaid 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Anyone can start using CREAMaid by inserting a CREAMaid Conversation widget inside her post. (more info) Your post will most likely be selected as long as you abide by these rules. Once selected, your post will be syndicated to all the participating posts through their embedded Conversation widgets. When your post is selected, you will be able to instantly collect a royalty
    for your contribution.
  17. Creative Weblogging

    creative blogging 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Get paid to blog with us at Creative Weblogging! We are one of the largest blog networks, with over 135 blogs in five languages.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  18. DayTipper

    daytipper 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    If you have a tip that is insightful, helpful, and original, we will publish it and pay you $3 (US). You write the content. We share it with the world.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  19. Digital Journal

    digital journal 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Unlike most websites where bloggers post for free (and the company takes in all the ad revenue), DigitalJournal.com shares a portion of its advertising revenue with all Citizen Journalists. With an always-growing cash pool, every single Citizen Journalist gets a chance to compete for a share of the cash pot. The more you contribute, the more you earn.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  20. Helium

    helium 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Earn a share of the advertising money earned here at Helium. If you write well, and write often, you earn even more recognition and reward.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  21. In Blog Ads

    inblogads 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    You’ve been writing about web sites, products, services and companies for years, now you you can also get paid for it. With our system, you get paid for each post request you fulfill.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  22. LoudLaunch

    loudlaunch 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    If your blog and interests are aligned with an advertiser’s campaign then you can do your own research and write about them in exchange for pay—not in exchange for a pre-determined outcome but for a fair assessment.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  23. Pay Me To Blog About You (Service Discontinued)

    paymetoblogaboutyou 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Our messaging system allows bloggers and advertisers to negotiate directly with each other instead of working through advertising agencies or middlemen and we provide a secure way of transacting advertising compensation via Paypal.
  24. Squidoo

    squidoo 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Every lens carries Google AdSense ads. Those are used to generate royalties for the whole co-op (ie, everyone gets a cut). If you want to increase your direct royalties, though, you should consider adding commercial modules that the visitors to your lenses will appreciate.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  25. Weblogs Inc

    weblogsinc 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    Looking to get paid to blog about subjects you love? Tell us what you’re passionate about and let’s find out if there’s a fit!
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  26. Wise Bread

    wisebread 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    WiseBread.com is one of the top 5 personal finance blogs. We give our bloggers 100% of the advertising revenue they earn on their blog posts.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
  27. b5media

    b5media 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog
    We’ll pay you to write about what you love. We’re the one of the largest blog networks in the world. We want to be the biggest. Want to help? It’s easy to apply.
    [FAQ] [Sign Up]
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Sunday, 17 June 2012

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Earn Money Online Without Investment:
 A Clear Guide

It’s not like only Indians like free stuffs, it’s a natural orientation of people worldwide to look for something free. No exception when it comes to earning money online in India, beginners want to find out the free ways to build an online business & without any sort of investment.  Reason is simple, average Indians per capita income is low enough to restrict them from buying stuffs online. This guide is not an India specific make-money-online guide and can be of use to everyone from almost every corner of the world.

Anyways, I believe your search will end here for this particular query. Have a bit of patience please. Another important aspect is , some earn-money-online aspirants lost hope & belief after they got scammed by online fraudsters.

Before you read this guide I want you to go through the existing major ways to earn money online to get a generalised idea.

Points to keep in mind :

1. No bloody shortcut is there to build an online income

2. Clicking Ads, Reading emails, Filling up forms, data entry scams will not earn you any money.

3. You have to work smart & hard as well.

4. You can’t earn only sleeping. That’s possible after uncountable sleepless nights.

5. You have to have the learning curve.

6. Good communication in English is a must.

7. You are assumed to be having a computer connected to Internet.

You can have a reading : What it Takes to Earn  Online

Now let us come to the coveted guide, how to earn money online in India without investment.

Blogging on Blogspot :

 Blogger is a product by Internet giant Google allows you to create blogs for free on their domain. You would get a sub domain like http://yourchosenname.blogspot.com/ and the hosting is free by blogger.

Maybe you are thinking, ” heck, i knew this way”. If so then my question is how many rupees have you earned from your blogger blog? Only creating blogs will not do, you have to do it right. I know lot of Indian blogger earning good money from free blogs without any investment. You can also build your profitable work from home job with proper guidance and proper implementation

Your ultimate aim is to run Google AdSense ads in your blog in order to earn money. First thing first, you need to make a plan now. Plan about what would be your blog about.

Choosing your Topic : 

This is extremely important for your online success. If you do it wrong, you are finished before you even start. Ideal topic is something you would love to blog about and a profitable market is there. Most of the times it does not happen, because you might not know anything about a topic where lot of advertisers are there and a lot of buyers as well. One thing here to keep in mind , chasing profitable markets only will not do any good if you do not know the subject assuming you can not hire people to work for you.

Just to help you brainstorm to find a topic I recommend you to visit Topic Ideas

And you need Google Adwords Free Keyword tool to find specific keywords you would write upon.  Those who do not know what keyword research is, I recommend reading this. Write your keyword in the keyword field.  Put the captcha and click on column to get more options, click on the box left to average CPC, and search.

Now let assume you have put ” Banking Jobs” in the keyword field because you would like to post different latest banking jobs in your blog. Good Idea.

Now let us see what you see in the result after you click search.

Now comes the time to take crucial decision. See the keyword suggestions by free tool and see in which area you are comfortable to write on, check the availability of advertisers, if there is  no or less advertisers, you should not go for that. Now check the search volumes both global and local. Search volume (Consider Exact Match Search Volume. You can check exact match check box from the options given) is very important because you can not afford to write upon something people do not search at all. Check the average CPC or cost per click value for your desired keyword because your ultimate aim is to earn money and not only writing blog posts.

Update :
You will get to see the the average CPC column if you sign in to Adword with your gmail account. Otherwise not.

This average CPC value implies the value of the keyword to the advertisers, when they place ads to Google. More it is, better for you because you can earn more from Adsense.

you are not finished with keyword research, You have to check the competition of webmasters and bloggers for the keyword you are targeting. Search the suggested keyword in Google & check the page ranks (PR) of first 10 result pages /domains. to check PR you have to install Google toolbar to your browser. the Green Bar after bookmark option shows the PR. If it is 3 or below, you can go for it. Otherwise it would be tougher to outrank your competitors  for your targeted keywords.

You can put “bank jobs”, “bank jobs in India”, “bank jobs for freshers” like keywords in the keyword field and check the results. Your motto is to find the right keywords which will help you build your internet business.

(Tip: Do not go for high competition keywords, try to choose medium or even low competition keyword with a respectable search volume)

Create your Blog:

Now it’s time to register your free  domain in Blogger and getting your blog ready. Go to Blogger and sign in with your Google account. Try to get a domain name with your exact keyword  like  http://bankjobs.blogspot.com/

In all probability the domain is already taken by someone. Do not loose hope, try to get it with a little variation like http://bankjobshub.blogspot.com/

Give your blog a name. Create your blog. Now go to settings-basic and write a keyword rich description of your blog. Go to template designer and design as you like. You can give your blog a custom look, you need to edit blog template code for that.

Put  privacy policy, About me, Contact pages. Start blogging.

Before you start writing you need to remember certain things. On Page SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

I recommend you reading this Basic Onpage SEO Tips for Blogger Blog

Start writing now with the knowledge you have got. Keep updating your posts. And start doing off-page SEO for your blog. This is all about getting links from other webpages to your blog home page or posts.

If you are in a low competition zone, you could easily rank with basic link building like, blog directory submission, writing on article directory and getting links, guest posting in other related blogs, commenting on related blogs, participating in related forum and getting signature links and directly requesting others to link to you.

You can learn SEO from world famous SEO Aaron Wall and from OnlineMoneyKey.Com for free.

gradually you will build up visitors to your blog.

Its time to Apply for Adsense :
Go to AdSense and sign up for it. They will send you welcome mail and you can start displaying Google ads in your blog. You will be earning for every click on the ads which you can see in Adsense reports after you sign in. But One thing to keep in mind is, you are eligible to apply after six months from the date of registration of your blog’s domain name.

You will get every guidance regarding insertion of ad code inside your template or customizing the look & feel of the ads for free. Lot of free resources. Not only AdSense you would get lot of other money making programs for free to earn money online in India without investment.

Things to avoid :
  • Do not copy articles or any content from other online resources. You will never succeed. Google and other major search engines will dump you.
  • Do not click your own ads or provoke someone to do this.
  • Do not start writing about making money online until & unless you make a good amount of money online.
  • Do not spam on your blog. Blogger police could remove your blog from their server without any sort of notification. Better read their TOS before you begin.

Another easy way to earn is by writing and publishing articles in different Adsense revenue sharing sites using the same techniques explained above. You don’t have to maintain the blog this case. And it’s easy to get your articles indexed in an already established domain like  Hubpages, Bukisa, IndiaStudyChannel etc. These websites have records of paying AdSense revenue to the publishers (you) without demanding any investment from you.

Go ahead with proper planning like I have laid out, keep updating your blog, interact with readers, get clicks, earn a lot of money without investment working from home in India.

Update :
Those of you who like to work for others indepently (working as a freelancer) should create your profile on freelance sites like Odesk.Com , Elance.Com, Guru.Com etc without spending any money offcourse. Getting Jobs in Odesk.Com is easier than other freelance site as because Odesk.Com has got several low cost freelance jobs. Basically Odesk is a marketplace where frelancers (You) and employers (Those who outsources their jobs to freelancers) can deal with each other.  But mind you, just creating a freelacer profile will not ensure winning jobs from Odesk.Com. You need to follow certain steps and strategies to get jobs. You have to create your profile as an expert of a certain type of job which are available on Odesk. For example you can create your profile as a web designer with your portfolio (if you have any) and other details.Odesk has certain tests which you need to appear for and try to get a good score. This way you would become a Odesk certified freelancer and find it easier to win jobs which you need to deliver in a time period by your employer. Payment structure is good enough to live a lifestyle.

Best of luck with your online journey. Wish you all success.
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