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How to make money online with

What is is an URL shortening service, such as and but with one little twist, you can make money from every link you create! Today there are plenty of websites out there that gives you the opportunity to shorten your links in order to make them more appealing or to hide where the link actually leads. However, there are only a few of them that you can make money online from and is one of the best for just that. Later on in this article I will show you some the different ways that you can use to make money with While is a great website you will most likely not make enough money from it to quit your day job, though it can build up over time and provide you with that money you need to start up your bigger projects online.
How does work? is simply a link shortening service that serves ads in every link that you create. For every ad in your links that someone sees you will make money. The ad shows for 5 seconds before you can click “skip ad” and continue to the links destination. The amount of money you make is about $0.5 to $4.7 per thousand views as I’m writing this article. Below are some ways on how to make money online with
  • Displaying interstitial ads
    Displaying interstitial ads in your links is the highest paying alternative. If you shrink a link with an interstitial advertisement in it people will see full screen advertising before they can continue to the links destination. The advertisement lasts for 5 seconds before the alternative of skipping it becomes available for the viewer.
  • Using a framed banner
    Using a framed banner is a less “painful” alternative for everyone that clicks on your link. This is because the ad will not take up the whole screen; instead it will only show a banner at the top of the browser. However, you will not make as much money with this alternative as you would have done by using interstitial ads.
  • Full page scripts
    Even though I’d advice not to use full page scripts it is still a service offered by Full page scripts is a code snippet that you place in your websites code to change all of your links to links. Doing so will make your users have to watch an ad every time they click on a link at your website. Sure, if you have thousand of visitors per day you can make some money with this, but you will most likely piss of everyone trying to browse your website.
  • Get referrals to do the hard work
    If you do not want to do the hard work yourself then get some “slaves” to do the work for you. has a referral program that grants you 20% of your referrals earnings for life. So if you’re a famous person or has a great way to get referrals online this is for you. If you get about 100 referrals that are all making about $1 per month this will automatically get $20 per month without any work. It may not seem like a lot but money quickly adds up and if you have any good idea on how to get people to click on your own links you could be earning well over $50 per month simply by creating links. If you run a website or blog you could simply put up one of their banners on your site and if anyone clicks on them and signs up you will get a referral.
Making money with
Finally I’m getting to the point! I suppose you mainly came here to get ideas on how to make money with and therefore I am going to list a few ways that I made my first $50 with when I used
  • Post on forums
    If you know how a forum works then you will also know that there are plenty of forums out there that gets millions of views every month with hundreds of thousands members. Let’s say you know where to fins great Photoshop graphics, so you sign up with a design forum. You then create an link to these graphics (it could be anything from Photoshop brushes to logo designs).  Then you cleverly create a thread on the forum saying something like “Free logo designs for your website” with a little bit information and maybe some pictures of the logos inside. Then you place your link in the thread and say that they can download them from that site. If you do this actively you can get thousands of clicks on your links each day. This can be done in various forums, as long as you have something that the rest of the users want, for example eBooks, software, videos and so on.
  • Create videos on YouTube
    YouTube is a great way to make money online and it even works with in some cases. If you know how to make videos you could create a video about a new software or song and then simply say that the link to download it is in the description. Since the video will most likely constantly get traffic you can duplicate this process and create many videos. In the end you might get thousands of clicks on your links every day on autopilot. And the more videos you upload, the more money you will make.
  • Everyday linking to things
    If you’re active at websites such as twitter, facebook or similar websites you can easily make some money online from them. In the end, the more links you create the more you will earn, just post them on highly trafficked websites. The links will most likely stay forever and you will earn residual money from them forever. Though, you should not overdo this, putting links in instant messenger chats gives little to no money and only wastes time for you and the one clicking the link.
Great extra features of is a great website and there are some things that make it this great. One of those things is the interface it has, it’s simple to navigate and understand even for new users. also has a forum where you can talk with admins and other members; this is a great way to see that the website is not a scam. When you create a link with their service you can use one of the worlds shortest URL’s: and, so you’re not just limited to using the shortening. You also get very detailed statistics from every link you create, such as the earnings, amount of clicks and from where in the world someone clicked on your links. But the best thing is that the payout is as low as $5, this means that you can reach your payout limit easily if you just put some effort in spreading your links online.

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The Best Way To Make Money With Hubpages

The best way to make money with hubpages is to treat your hub like a real website. What do I mean by this? Well, there are certain things that people do to promote their .coms, and if you are serious about making large amounts of money with Hubpages, you need to do the same thing.

With any website, there are two factors that should be focused on. The first is content, which is what most people spend too much time on with Hubpages. Don't get me wrong, content is definitely very important, and the content you have on your Hubs should be great. However, stellar content alone will not make you successful. You need to also build links to your Hub if you want it to be seen.

Link building is the process of pointing HTML links to the URL of your Hub. Each link should have various anchor text and should ultimately focus on ranking you on search engines for a specific keyphrase. If you rank well on Google for a certain term, then you will get traffic from it, and traffic is necessary to make money on Hubpages or any website.

It is much easier for writers to focus on content, as link building is a completely different activity that not many people are familiar with. Unfortunately, even if you are not proficient at something, sometimes life requires you to learn it. Link building is really not that hard, and there are only a few basic tips you need to follow to do it right.

Below this article there are several others which outline the exact way to monetize your Hubpages to the maximum level. Follow these tips, and you are bound to be successful!


Beginner's Link Building Guide

To get the most out of link building, you need to follow some rules. Blindly pointing links to your website will get you nowhere if you do not do it right. That is why you should adhere to the following rules when building links. However, before going in to the rules, you need to understand the components of a link. A link is any HTML function that leads from one website to another. Most people recognize them as the blue, underlined texts (although images and other colors can be links too). A link is formed through HTML code, and follows the format of: <a href="">Site Title</a>. The Site Title portion is also known as anchor text, and the latter term is the one used most often in the Internet Marketing industry. When you are building links to your site, it will probably be in HTML format.

Now that you understand what a link is and the components of it, here are the long-awaited rules:

  1. Build links around one primary keyphrase. For example, if you have a hub about gardening, then you will want to build links that have anchor texts all related to gardening, such as "Gardening Tips", "Gardening Advice", "How to Garden", etc. Ideally, you should have a very specific keyphrase that not a lot of other people are fighting for.
  2. Vary your anchor texts. Just because you know what keyphrase you want to rank for does not mean all your anchor texts should be that. When building links, 90% of the time you have control over what your anchor text is, and you want to take advantage of that. Make some of your links your target, some the title of your site, and some supporting keywords, and you'll be good.
  3. Do link exchanges. People seem to ignore them nowadays, but they are actually very beneficial to all parties involved. The most efficient type of exchange is a three-way link exchange, also known as a non-reciprocal exchange, since no two sites in the setup are pointing to each other. This makes it so both parties get a one-way link, which looks better to search engines than a reciprocal link.
  4. Keep building links. Eventually, you will get to the top for what you are targeting, as long as it is not ridiculously hard. And if you do get to the top, you need more links to stay there. However, once you are successful, you do not need as many new links to maintain your position.

Continue reading to learn about where to get links to your Hubs!


Methods of Link Building

There are many ways to build links on the Internet, and the majority of them are free.  Some methods take a little more effort than others, but the harder a link is to get, the more valuable it is (generally).

  • Article Submissions - You can write articles for sites like EzineArticles or GoArticles, and for each article you write, you get a link.  Since these sites have high PageRanks, the links from them are especially valuable.
  • Blog Commenting - Many blogs have commenting systems that enable you to get a link for each comment you post.  Your comments should be valuable and contribute to the conversation, not just means for a link.
  • Link Exchanges - Find similar websites or Hubs, and exchange links with them.  If possible, arrange a three-way link exchange to avoid the devaluation of a reciprocal link.
  • Other Sites You Own - If you own other similar websites or Hubs, you can point links from them to your other sites.  The value is the same as if it were a different person, so why not?
  • Directory Submissions - There are thousands of free directories that you can submit your websites to, and for each one that accepts you, you get a link.  However, directory links are not very valuable compared to other links.
  • Contests - Arrange a contest where people can enter by giving a link to you from their site.  This is a great way to get a lot of links quickly!

Keep in mind that if the content on your site is very appealing and interesting, people will naturally link to it.  In fact, the technique of eliciting links based on high quality content is known as link baiting, which is an additional link building method.  To get the most links, have good content and refined, personal link building skills.

How to Monetize Your Hub

Once you have content and links to your Hub, you need some means of making money from it. Many people use AdSense, which is Google's Pay-Per-Click program. There are several other PPC firms out there, but for the majority of marketers, AdSense works the best. Just a little bit of traffic guarantees that you will make something from AdSense, but unless you get a lot of traffic, you will never get anything too significant.

To reach your full potential, the best route is to use an affiliate product. Using the resources of an affiliate program, you can sell a quality service and take a commission on each sale. Depending on the specific program, you can make twenty to sixty dollars per sale! However, you still need a lot of traffic to do well with this strategy, because the conversion will not be very high with an expensive product. That is why content and link building is so important.

Even though you will not be actively promoting an affiliate product until you have more traffic, you still need to plan for it from the get go. That means writing support articles, targeting keyphrases related to the affiliate program, and doing Hub promotion. If you stick with it, you will be successful!


Choosing an Affiliate Program

As stated above, using an affiliate program is one of the most lucrative methods of monetization. If you want to build a hub around an affiliate program, you need to do two types of research. The first is keyword research. This is a topic all in itself, but it involves finding the right keyphrases to target for search engines. If you find a good keyphrase and rank for it, then you will get a lot of traffic that wants to buy your affiliate product. For this reason, keyword research is extremely important, yet it is the most skipped step in search engine optimization.

The ideal keyphrase should relate to your affiliate program, have little competition, and have a relatively high search volume. It can take a long time to find a keyphrase that matches this criteria, but they are out there, and there are tools that can help you, such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Next, you need to research what affiliate program you should use. There are many independent programs, as well as those that are part of a network like Clickbank. Your affiliate program should be reasonably priced, have a high commission, be of interest to visitors, and have high reliability. You can determine some of these things by reading reviews of affiliate programs online, and Clickbank shows many statistics which help marketers determine the viability of different programs. 

eBay is another popular affiliate program, and if you run your own eBay business, you can make other sites that are built around selling your own products.

Using Hubs as Support Sites

Many of us on HubPages also own one or multiple personal websites with their own domains.  If you are on this page, then the odds are that you would like to use your own sites to make money as well as on HubPages.  By adding the power of your HubPages to your websites, you can greatly strengthen them and make more.

The primary way you strengthen a website is through building links to it.  Therefore, all you need to do on your HubPage is link to your site, with beneficial anchor text, of course.  Linking to your site does not devalue your HubPage in any way, so what do you have to lose?

Since each Hub only has a little bit of power, if you want to really make an impact, you would need to make multiple support websites around one website.  That does not mean you should neglect each individual Hub, as by strengthening the individuals, you improve the collective.

On the other hand, maybe you are finished with your main sites and want to concentrate only on HubPages.  In this case, you can do the reverse and link your main sites to your HubPages.  That will bring more traffic and better rankings to your Hubs, so if your goal is to make money online only with HubPages, this is the correct route to take.

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