Saturday, 16 June 2012

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   Hi,  This is a good site  and  persons  know  English language well   they can utilize this  opportunity

Online English Teachers Are Making Money From Home!

There's a classroom where you can control the schedule and courses, teach students of all ages around the globe one-on-one, fight no traffic, grade no papers, and give yourself a raise! Where is this "miracle" classroom, complete with students who actually want to learn? You might be sitting in it! As a online teacher, you'll make money on the internet from the comfort of your own home! Teachers, new graduates, and topic experts; cancel the commute, ditch the dead-end job, and chat for cash! Enjoy financial freedom, more family fun time, and free time for yourself by joining us today for FREE! The world is waiting for you! Pays Big!

"When I told friends I was going to get paid for teaching English overseas without leaving my house, they laughed at me! Last night, I bought them big, fat steak dinners with my first big, fat check!!" \^_^/ Being an online English teacher is extremely rewarding and one of the hottest, highest paying jobs today!

Online English Teacher Benefits:

  • Teach From the Comfort of Your Own Home!
  • Teach as Much as You Want!
  • Teach When You Want!
  • Teach All Over the World From Wherever You Are!
  • Get Paid $10 - $50 Per Hour!
  • Get Paid up to $500+ Per Day!
  • Get Paid up to $1,500+ Per Month!
  • Keep the Cash You Now Spend on Commuting, Parking, and Daycare!

Do What You Love When, Where, and How You Choose!

Here's how works. You have the freedom to choose when to start, stop, who, what, how to teach, and more! You're given enjoyable, conversation based lessons to choose from on topics of interest to you and your students. We also provide you with the tips and support needed to help your students achieve their goals!
Teachers and students are encouraged to maximize success by inviting each other to chat. The more you "chat," the more cash you make! Earn $1,500 to $15,000 per month by teaching part-time, full-time, or even overtime! It's your choice! We only recently made this opportunity to join in our success available because the world truly needs teachers like you!
Language Spirit's advanced system provides all the tools you need in a single, user friendly, web-based solution that connects you to learners who eagerly pay you to teach English online! Sign up for free today! Start teaching the world and making thousands of dollars per month!

How much Money Can You Make? Calculate Your Potential Income Now!*
If you are a professional, you will earn extra consultancy fee for your specialty.
You choose how much you want to make an hour!
You choose how many hours a day you want to teach!
You choose how many days a week you want to teach online!
Make $ Each Day You Teach!

Make $ Weekly!!

Make $ Monthly!!!

Make $ Yearly!!

Online English Teachers Only Need:

  • Interest in Teaching English Online
  • To Be a Native English Speaker
  • Computer with Web Camera and Headphones
  • Internet Access
  • Paypal Account to Get Paid

Online English Teachers Get:

  • Paid to Teach English Online!
  • To Make Your Own Schedule!
  • To Develop Your Teaching Skills!
  • To Get Supported with Free Teaching Materials!
  • Invaluable Experience to Add to Your Resume!
  • Check Out Every $150.00 via Paypal!

Sign Up as an Online English Teacher and Make Money Today!


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