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Hi Friends
   Royal Ekutir Technology Limited - Make huge income in online just spending 10 minutes per day
(Note : Please read entire information before calling us.It will take five minutes of your time but you don't know this opportunity is going to change your life.)
Friends,In this opportunity you have a chance to earn maximum one lakh rupees per day but if you start using this opportunity now, within two months of time you will be in a position to earn at least 2000 Rs per day just spending 10 minutes in online.
                   World's First Company to introduce TATA E-CARD

Royal Ekutir Technology Limited presents a KPO project by joining with Google Applications & TATA communications(Channel Partners)

We are introducing this big income opportunity after lot of research from our experts.In this process we have reviewed so many companies around the world in all those opportunities this is the real and trusted income opportunity.This opportunity proposed by a Royal E-kutir Technology Limited(A public limited company) which has a lot of fame in the society from past ten years.We have already contacted Google and TATA team they agreed that they are channel partners for this opportunity provider.
                   If you want lifetime Financial freedom and life time happiness spend two minutes to read this and change your life style with in few days.


Google & Tata ventures into India for the first time by launching its KPO Project..

1.What is this opportunity?
A.Hi it is a both online job and business opportunity offered by
   with channel partners Google,TATA communications,Wipro,Intex,CtrlS,F-secure,Secure store UK ltd,Hcl


2.How much I will earn from this opportunity?

A.Minimum 2000 rupees to max 1,00,000 per day.

3.How much time I have to spend daily?

A.You have to spend 10 min a day.

4.How can we trust this opportunity?

A.The most trusted brands Google and Tata are involved in this opportunity.

For company recent seminars and pictures

For company presentation please visit

For legal proofs please visit this

5.What you will get if you join in this opportunity?

You will get

Intex Smart Mobile phone and Anti virus/TATA E-Card & Super power card

After registering in this opportunity you will get one username and password to log on to company website.Every ID is valid for 5 years daily you have to log in to your account and you have to answer four multiple choice questions based on advertisements. Every right answer you will get 25 points and for  first three months you will have 4 questions and you will get 100 points..(100 points = 100 Rs or 2$) and for remaining months you will get 2 ads so monthly you will earn up to 3000 Rs.If you have selected wrong answer also don't worry you will get another question for you.

One account is is valid for 5 years = 60 Months

1 Day --> 100 Rs.

30 Days -->  30 * 100= 3000 Rs.

For first three months you will get 3*3000 Rs = 9000 Rs.

One account valid for 5 Years (5 Years = 60 Months)

  57Months ..> 57 * 1500 Rs = 85,500 Rs.

Total you will earn 9000+85,500 = 94,500 Rs.

If you want to earn more income through this ads clicking company will give a chance to take 10 id's under

one account.(Taking additional Id is an optional).

If you take 10 Id's.Daily you have a chance to earn 500 Rs per day till 5 Years through ads clicking

and If you have joined in our network you will also  get -

Additional Benefit from Robotixindia Hurry Up - Limited Offer

Genuine online Jobs premium package (This package is exclusively from Robotixindia we will give this package for the users who have joined in our network.Using our genuine online jobs package you will learn step by step process to make money in online and you can earn minimum 2000 Rs in online through international organizations in your spare time - Hurry Up it is a limited offer from our side)

What you will get in our Genuine online jobs premium package Click Here

6.What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

A.Minimum amount to withdraw is 2000 rupees.We can withdraw money from this company twice a month.Every month on 15th and 30th they will give payments to members.Suppose if you have request payment on or  before 15th of month you will get your payment between 15 to 22 and if you are requested payment on or before 30 they will give payment on 30 to 7 of month.
See the article about E-kutir by famous technical magazine in India
7.How can I make minimum 2000 Rs per day from this company?(Note : It is really wonderful opportunity providing by company and it is an optional to make additional income)
A. Very simple..Company will pay you if you refer this opportunity to your friends or family members.There is no condition to join the people in this opportunity.Anyway after 20 days you will receive payment from this company.If you like this opportunity and you have introduced this  opportunity to your friends and if they have joined then for one pair (Left and Right) you will get 1000 rupees.If your friends join anybody again you will get 1000 rupees for another pair like this you can earn up to 1 lakh rupees per day not more than this.

It works using the concept of binary level marketing watch this video to get more grip on how binary market will work

Want to make big income in online for them company is providing referral income also.

Friends,Please don't think too much because company will get profits whenever a new person joined
in this opportunity.Why we have joined in this opportunity? Because we want to make some additional
income.Now a days part time income is a must, it's not a optional in order to meet our needs like us there
are 90% of people want to make some additional income in their life.Suppose if you are satisfied with this opportunity and you have introduced this opportunity to your family members or friends and any of your friends joined you will get referral income also, and one good thing about this opportunity is if your friends
refer anyone,then also you will get referral income and limit to this referral income is one lakh per day.

Joining people is very easy then doing anything.To get success in E-kutir CLICK HERE

8.How much I have to invest in this opportunity?

To join in this company you have to take one package.One account Id or package is starting from 15,000 Rs and it is valid for 5 Years.

(Don't worry you can make this money within five months just by spending 10 minutes daily) and cost of one additional ID is 9000 Rs.)

There are so many packages are available from 11,500 Rs to 35,000 Rs for more details on packages and products please visit

For more info on packages and products please visit


Friends,Don't think joining fees is high.Just think positive side of it, anyway you are earning daily income using this opportunity up to 5 years .Suppose we are depositing the 11,500 Rs in a bank account and monthly we are taking some part of it till 5 months.In 5 months of time you will get what ever the money that you have invested and your earnings for rest of months is a profit to you.

9.How Google and Tata getting benefit from this company.

A.Google has lot of software related products and Tata communications launched e-card they want to promote these products through e-kutir.After joining in this site we have to answer four questions based on advertisements.So company is making huge money through advertisers.

10.What is the relation between ROYAL EKUTIR and ?

A.There is no relation between e-kutir and Robotixindia.We like this concept and so we want to share this opportunity to our visitors.We have also joined in this company like you people.We have reviewed 30 to 40 companies like this but in all those we feel this is the only best trusted income opportunity.

11.Who are eligible to join in this opportunity?

A.1.It is only for people having basic knowledge on Internet.
   2.You should have PAN card.
   3.You should have bank account or you have to give bank account details who already having PAN card.

12.What we have to  consider before joining in these type of companies?

A. Trust - Yes because channel partners are big giants Google and Tata Communications and e-kutir already has it's own mark in society.

  Payments - Yes - It is regularly sending payments to all users regularly and there is no single complaint about this company.

  If anything bad will happen in future - No problem e-kutir management will responsible for this nobody will ask you anything.They will question e-kutir people legally there is no problem for you.You have also joined like them.But don't worry nothing will happen if it is we will inform you through mail and we will update that news in our blog
.So till then you can promote this company with out any doubts.

13.What are strengths of E-kutir?

A. It is registered as a public limited company. (Approved by government of India) and it has certified as     QMS IS0 9001 : 2008 (For maintaining international standards) and providing services to the users from past 10 years and having 30,000 corporates and 2,75,000 satisfied customers.

This is the only company which pays you money for your work and also for referring the people.In other companies you must have to refer people to get your payment.
TATA communications has given exclusive rights to e-kutir to promote their product in Indian markets  
and it is promoting Google premium apps.

It is not only in this field besides this it is offering IT solutions,Offers and promotions,Merchandise and   E-Education program and it is making huge income because of advertisers all around the world.

It is a part of GSP group.This group successfully running other companies also.List of companies running by GSP group are GSP Corporate Services (P) Ltd, GSP Media Mag (P) Ltd, E-Kutir Technology & Extension Management (P) Ltd, GSP Realty (P) Ltd and GSP Trust.
14.What are future projects of e-kutir?

A.It is going to conduct mega camps on E-education in 22 cities in India starting from March 2012.

Recent events conducted by E-kutir

15.Want to join in this company?
A. Hi there is no doubt about this company.It is a good income opportunity and big giants like Google and Tata involved in this opportunity.So don't wait for a minute and also we already reviewed this site properly and introduced to you.In future If we have found some negative regarding this company
we will update that information in our blog to visit us
Don't worry nothing will happen it is already registered.For legal and press releases visit this video

Hey it is in relation with Google and Tata ............................................what else you want?

For more information and how to join and how to do work please call us

When you are calling please mention I have seen your mobile number in Robotixindia.

                                           Suneetha - 09986428589

and after calling the Suneetha please fill the below form.

or mail us

your Name,Phone number and Address to or
Fill the below form

We will call you and nothing will happen in one day so wait for our call.
Please don't join under any one -  join with us.If you join with us then it is a life long relationship we already in this field from 2009 and you will get so many benefits.If you join with us we will mail you step by step process to log in to your account and how to do work and how to do this business in a simple and easy way with screen shots and one excellent benefit is so many people like you, daily visiting our website and they will also want to join.In all those people at least some people will be placed under your ID for one leg.It is enough for you just to take care of another leg.

 Join with us       .............................    Grow with us

You are just three steps away to earn 5000 rupees to 1 Lakh per day.

Step 1:

How to create a account in E-kutir?

Step 2:

How to activate your account Id?

Step 3:

How to get success in E-kutir?
     ......................@@@  Summary  @@@...........................


Royal Ekutir Technology Limited
·                     Earn as much as U want
·                     Joining fee Rs- 15,000
·                     Get 2$ ( Rs. 100) per/day
·                     Binary (Rs.1000)
·                     Corporate office at Noida, (Delhi NCR)
·                     Daily Capping Rs- 1,00,000 per day
Follow the following link to believe it was a news long awaited........




Please read twice before starting the work (Very important)
Please follow this step by step process to join in E-kutir?
First process:
Step 1:
1.Hi click on above website link or Join Now after opening the site please click on create an account.

2.Here can you please select  RETL or G.E Private Limited or as a franchisor and click on arrow mark beside it.

3.Here you can type  RETL for RETL  or gkpo01 for G.E. Private Limited in the box and click on Register me

4.Here you fill the form with correct details and if your city name is not there choose any city in your state and later you can change the address details.Please fill the whole form and now click on I accept create my account.After registering in the site you will get verification code to your email id and copy that verification code and follow the process in your mail to activate your account.Please note your username and password in your personal dairy.

5.Now activate your getjobdesk with activation code that was sent to your Email Id (Please check Email spam folder also).It is time to log on to with your username and password.

after sign in to website  you can click on Accounts section.Please note Account ID in your dairy.

Friends,till now you have successfully completed how to generate account Id in through E-kutir.To begin your work you have to become incredible user for this you have to pay 11,500 to company.
Hi Friends,
                    Please join after 10 days if you want to join in this opportunity.We have temporarily stopped promoting of this opportunity.
Please read twice before starting the work(Very important)
Please click here to see First process
After completion of first process only please come to this page.If you want to earn big income in online you have to follow this process.
This is the time to deposit money in E-kutir bank account.After depositing the money you have to send a mail to regarding bank deposit details.
Amount : 000 rupees (You can choose any bank ICICI or Yes Bank etc.,)
E-kutir Bank details :
Name : Royal Ekutir Technology  Limited
Account number : 036405003053
Account type : Current
Ifsc code :ICIC0000364
Bank : Yes Bank
Name : Royal Ekutir Technology  Limited
Account No : 013683900001590
Ifsc code : YESB0000136
After paying the money, If it is through net banking please note down your Transaction number or If it is through bank deposit please scan and save the return copy and also ask for transaction number.
This is the time to mail with these details:
Subject : I have deposited money in ICICI Bank account.
Your Name :
Your Jobdesk Account Id :
Transaction number (It is through net banking) :
or Scan copy of receipt (If it is through Bank deposit) and transaction number :
Bank and Branch details : (Eg : ICICI Bank,Kormangala - Bangalore)
and now log on to your account click on safety and security section here select JDAC request and here also fill the information regarding transaction:

After completion of this process.You will receive your access code in two to three days of time.Please check access code status in your by clicking Accounts section.Please check your getjobdesk account regularly sometimes it will take four days to get access code.
If access code is available in account section then click on my job desk here choose 11,500 rupees plan and it's time to contact your boss or the person who introduced this opportunity to you.Then he will send you under whom you needs to join that means he will give your boss id and he will inform your placement (Eg: Right or Left)
If you have joined directly because of Robotixindia mails or because of our site ( or you want to join under robotixindia team please send a mail to or send a message to 09901856952 (Don't call this number) with these details and please wait for our response.
I have joined in e-kutir through Robotixindia.Now I have got the access code  please give me boss Id and position.Please mention your name and mail id also.
Then our team will mail you or message you Boss Id and in which position you have to join.
If you have successfully joined under Robotixindia team please write a mail with your accound id to then we will send a mail with some tips how to do this business and getting success in a simple way or you can also visit this link to see how to get success CLICK HERE
For any doubts you can mail to or
You can call the customer care center at - 01204544444
After completion of this process you can start earning huge income in online just by spending 10 min a day click on below link to know how to  do work in

Hi Friends,
This is third process.Here you will get information about how to get success in E-kutir.
Just spend 10 days seriously in this opportunity definitely you will fulfill all your dreams like us.
For First process : CLCIK HERE
For Second process : CLICK HERE
Please read twice before starting the work.
(For doubts you can send a mail to us
Welcome to third process.In this process you will learn how can we make more than 5000 rupees to even 1 Lakh per day just by spending 10 minutes in our time.If you want to see golden days in your life just take this opportunity seriously at least for 15 days.
Friends,Binary market is the only market where both company and members will make money in a simple and easy way.
First of all congratulations to you taking one good decision in your life.This opportunity itself is enough to you to make good income in online and also to fulfill your dreams.
In this opportunity you can make good income but to see real success in this opportunity follow these steps :
Step 1 : In E-kutir you can make money in two ways by doing your work and joining our friends or family members.
            The minimum withdraw limit in this company is 2000 rupees.If you are doing work in daily you will get 100 rupees.So to reach minimum payment it will take 20 days.We can withdraw money from this company twice a month.Every month 15 and 30 they will give payments to members.Suppose if you have request payment on before 15 of month you will get your payment between 15 to 22 and if you are requested payment on before 30 they will give payment on 30 to 7 of month.
          So you have to wait one month to have your own payment proof and after receiving payment from this company you can show it to your friends or family members Or If you don't want to wait that much time and you want to make money as soon as possible, you can show our payment proofs.We have already kept payment proofs in
Don't worry about anything.If anybody will not join also you will get your investment back in 5 months after that whatever the money you are making it is additional to you only.Why are you thing too much introducing this opportunity to your friends  they will also make their investment in 5 months really people are waiting for the opportunity help them to see golden days in their life.

Step 2 : Don't think too much because to get success in this opportunity two people is enough for you and these two people will do rest of work for you.Why because this concept is based on binary level marketing please see this video on binary level marketing So select two friends in your circle and call them and explain this opportunity.Please take Email id those persons.For our Robotixindia members we have given exclusive rights to copy information on this particular page  and replace our phone number with your phone numbers and mail them.Now call them and ask them to check mail box.
If anyone is not interested don't worry may be you know so many persons, pick one of them and repeat the same process.If those persons are interested to join in this give full support to them on how to join in this opportunity and help them to achieve their goals.Please transfer the whole knowledge on ekutir to these two members and ask them to do same process you did for getting two members.If anyone is not active pickup another person in your circle and join that person under inactive member.So just see the game how your team is growing.There is no doubt your team will grow definitely but it is like a slow and steady process. 
Step 3: If you have facebook or orkut account then it is easy to share with your friends because upload the payment proof in your wall by putting status message as I have got this payment just by spending 10 minutes a day please call me to know more about this opportunity and give your mobile number.You can also send a mail to all your friends with payment proof.
Step 4:If you want to become an active person take this chance introduce to as many people you want.In every street there are internet centers go to them and discuss with them about this opportunity because 90% of people are not satisfying with what they are doing they want to make money as a part time also introduce this opportunity to them and it is very helpful to them.One good thing about this company is we can make money by doing our work please keep this point in mind while explaining this opportunity.Please feel to be proud to introduce this opportunity to others.
  One good success point in binary marketing is when you are explaining the concept answer to all the questions patiently that are asking by your friend then that person will spread same information to the others.
   If you follow this process for at least 15 days to 20 days it is enough to change your entire life.If you continue all the above process daily you will definitely earn at least 5000 rupees per day.After one or two years of time you can able to earn one lakh per day just by spending ten minutes.
Just spend 10 days seriously in this opportunity definitely you will fulfill all your dreams like us.
If we are promoting means you can promote this opportunity without any doubts because we have already done lot of research about this company.If suppose after one year if this company is not paying money then we will update that information in or in our blog.One good thing is if this company is in market if at least for six months also people will earn lakhs of money.Don't  worry nothing will happen just we are telling the worst case. E-kutir itself having a lot of trust in society and now it joined his hands with big giants like Google and Tata as a channel partners.
                          Good Luck ................................ Happy Earnings


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