Friday, 25 May 2012

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Make Money By Reading Email

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Connection
  • A PC or Mac
  • 3 Hours daily working on internet
  • Patience

As the title shows it is perhaps the most attractive way to start earning online this is good if you have some spare time which you may spend daily on internet by doing simple job nothing but reading the emails , there are many companies around the world which give offer for their products and services and want people to get knowledge about these offers and to promote these offer the get the services of email marketers ,while email marketers send emails to lot of clients and internet surfers if you join any email marketing membership by subscribing them then you will start receiving emails on daily bases about various products and services which the email marketing company will send you on behalf of the advertiser once you read you will be given some money for that
Do the following steps carefully before joining this system on online money making
  1. You need to explore the legitimate email marketing companies you can check their legitimacy through joining various forums and putting your questions in it about the company you are going to join two of legitimate sites are MyPoints and InboxDollars.
  2. To check spam and virus for these websites verify them through McAfee’s Site advisor.
  3. Try to get full knowledge about their terms and conditions and mode of payment you are advised to read their FAQs.
  4. Be satisfied about their payment system some pay actual money while some pay points which later on can be used for shopping from online retail stores.
  5. Try to join those companies which will send you reasonable emails on daily bases those which send too much and those which send too little both are not good to be joined.
  6. Determine after how many emails reading you will be sent the earn amount or points.
  7. Companies usually ask about your field of interest so they will send you emails related to your selected topics, so choose your favorite ones.
  8. Make your junk email filter so emails are nor removed without reading and being noticed.
  9. when ever you read an email always click the link and that will take you to the site of advertiser and you will be credited for that it is not necessary to read out the email itself if possible you may read it briefly for your extra knowledge.


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